Your Team

Retaining talented technicians and support staff can be challenging in an industry where burnout and compassion fatigue are prevalent. Average annual employee turnover at veterinary practices is at 29.7 percent. This can be costly to your practice when you factor in recruitment fees, training time, decreased productivity, and increased demands on remaining team members.

What strategies do you have in place to engage your team and create a supportive workplace environment?

I offer lunch and learns, workshops and one-on-one sessions to help your team:

  • Reconnect with their purpose and feel more engaged in their work
  • Cope with burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Create space to work through the emotional impact of their job
  • Develop personal strategies for a sustainable career in veterinary practice
  • Celebrate successes

How will this benefit your practice?

  • Reduced turnover and associated costs
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Develop a reputation as a practice of choice for graduating students
  • Improved client experience

Ensure your team members feel heard and supported, while improving your bottom line. Contact me at jen@jenburtonpetloss.com to discuss your needs.

Your Clients

Pet owners place a great deal of trust in their veterinary provider and often invest a lot in their pet’s medical care. The relationship can span many years and continue as new pets are welcomed into the family.

What type of support are you offering clients when a serious illness occurs, end of life decisions are being made, or a pet passes? What do you want your clients to remember about their experience with you during those times?

The emotional aspects of being a pet parent can become overwhelming in these situations. While their focus is on supporting and making the best decisions for their pet, they could often use some support themselves. You care deeply about the client relationship but can only provide a certain level of support before they leave the clinic. Taking a few extra minutes to share support resources with your client can make a world of difference in these stressful and difficult circumstances.

I can support your clients through the emotional journey around pet illness and loss.  You can find more information on the services I provide to individuals here. Please contact me at jen@jenburtonpetloss.com to discuss how I can partner with your team on the client experience.

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