Pet Illness and Loss Support

Having a furry family member can be extremely rewarding. The companionship, the unconditional love, the quirks that make us laugh, the deep connection. But there can also be anxiety, fear, grief, guilt, and heartbreak as we stand by our pets through illness and eventually their passing.

The emotional journey of pet parenting can sometimes feel overwhelming and lonely.  Research has shown that, for most people, losing a pet is comparable to the loss of a human loved one. Yet as a society, we don’t often acknowledge the stress of a pet’s illness or the profound grief of saying goodbye to our pet. Our workplace may not be supportive, and our friends and family may not fully understand what we’re going through. Even the best intentions can leave us feeling hurt and confused.

I get it, I’ve been there. In fact, supporting pet parents is how I’m honouring the memory of my first two cats, Baxter and Scooter, who passed in 2015. I’m here to tell you that your feelings are normal and you are not alone.

Are you:

  • Stuck in a whirlwind of emotions and don’t know how to move forward?
  • Uncomfortable sharing your experience with family and friends?
  • Worried about being judged or  criticized by others because they just don’t get it?
  • Filling the space by being busy so you don’t have to deal with your emotions?
  • Feeling that you’re faking it, putting on a brave face because that’s what you’re supposed to do?
  • Wondering if your reaction is normal?

During our one-on-one sessions I will help you:

  • Create a space where you can give yourself permission to just be present with what’s going on.
  • Get unstuck by working through your emotions.
  • Integrate your pet’s illness or passing with your life; including how it impacts your self-identity, lifestyle and routine.
  • Explore how you want to honour your relationship with your pet in a way that is meaningful and feels right for you.

When we block out and avoid uncomfortable emotions, it holds us back from finding closure and reconnecting with warm memories. Set aside the distractions of life, the worry about what others will think, and take the time to focus on your needs so your heart can start to heal.

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