Online Workshop – April 4, 2018

Navigating the Emotional Impact of Pet Illness and Loss
Wednesday, April 4th
7:00pm PST

Stuck in a whirlwind of emotions around the illness or loss of a pet? Worried about how you would cope in these situations?

Coping with the illness or loss of a pet can feel overwhelming and leave you physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. You may hesitate to reach out for support for fear of being judged, and worry that your reaction isn’t normal. You are not alone. Whether you are going through the experience now or want to build your emotional toolkit so it’s there when you need it, this session will provide valuable insights and connection.

Join Jen Burton, certified coach, pet illness and loss professional, and animal rescue volunteer for this interactive online session where we will:

– Discuss how we process and can work through difficult emotions.
– Understand the costs of avoiding and numbing our emotions.
– Explore the reasons why the illness or loss of a pet can hit us so hard.
– Take a closer look at how societal attitudes influence our experience.
– Learn tools and techniques to increase your self-awareness, support your emotional well being, and move forward in a way that feels right for you.

The first hour will be in a presentation format, followed by a 30-minute interactive session.

This webinar package includes a 1-hour individual coaching session with Jen via phone or video chat, scheduled at your convenience. Tickets are $99CDN.

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Terms and Conditions

Maximum of 16 attendees. If there are no spots left when you go to register, please click on the “Get Tickets” button to add your name to the wait list.

Zoom invites for this webinar will be sent after your online registration is complete. Zoom is an online video webinar platform that will allow you to see and interact with other participants.

Individual coaching session is non-transferable and must be booked within
3-months of the webinar date.

Cancellations made up to 48 hours in advance of the session will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 48 hours are non-refundable.

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